All of our providers are Board Certified by the Rigorous American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology (ABPP-CN/ABCN)

Neuropsychology Consult Services (NCS) offers diagnostic neurocognitive functional exams utilizing empirically supported gold standard procedures.

NCS has served the Southern California region since 2007. Dr. Kabat is the founder and director of NCS.

Dr. Kabat is a Board Certified Neuropsychologist (ABPP-CN) and Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology.

NCS has a team of highly qualified, compassionate, and experienced staff. Each patient is treated like a member of our family. We invite you to experience individualized, compassionate, and exceptional care.

The consultation process is simple. We offer efficient scheduling for exams (expedited scheduling is available upon request). The consultation process can be accomplished via telephone (858) 652-9668 or HIPPA compliant fax (760) 230-2206. 24 hours a day and seven days per week.

We are experienced providers with 19 years or more of clinical experience. EXPERIENCE MATTERS.


We approach each case in a highly comprehensive and individualized manner. In short, experience matters and we take your health care as seriously as you do. We look forward to providing a level of care that exceeds your expectations.

All NCS providers are board certified (ABPP-CN) and Diplomates of the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology. Board certification through the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology is the pinnacle achievement within the specialty. There is a significant difference in the background, training, and clinical skill of those who’ve achieved board certification just as there is in any board certified medical specialty. Ensure your provider is a board certified specialist through ABPP-CN.


Our staff has extensive experience with the following:
  • Attention deficit evaluations
  • Competency Evaluations
  • Comprehensive Neurocognitive Evaluations
  • Deep Brain Stimulation (Pre and Post Examination)
  • Dementia evaluations
  • Examination of Environmental/Industrial Chemical Exposure
  • Examination of Neurotoxic Exposure
  • Examination for Student Accommodations (e.g. SAT, GRE, MCAT, CLAT, and GMAT)
  • FAA Exams
  • Family Education/Management of Dementia
  • Formal Examination of Memory Concerns
  • Language Lateralization/Epilepsy Exams
  • Multiple Sclerosis Monitoring
  • Neurocognitive screening exams
  • Normal Aging Baselines
  • Pre and Post Organ Transplant Examination
  • Post Concussion Education/Care
  • Specialized examinations for medication monitoring, progression of symptoms, and the neurocognitive impact of chronic pain medication regimes
  • Specific medication efficacy exams for monitoring Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors or combination therapy with N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonists.
  • Sports related concussion
  • Traumatic brain injury/concussion
  • Worker’s compensation exams

Located on the Campus of Scripps Memorial Hospital – La Jolla

H.M. Poole Building
9834 Genesee Ave., Suite 221
La Jolla, CA 92037

Telephone: (858) 652-9668
Fax: (760) 230-2206
Available 7 days a week