Individual and group services are designed to provide support and education to individuals with varying levels of neurocognitive impairment.

Empirically Supported Memory Remediation Treatment

Memory remediation groups are designed to provide support and education to individuals with varying levels of memory impairment. Sessions cover a variety of topics related to memory loss, strategies to improve cognitive skills, and coping skills. Groups are informal and open discussion is welcome.

Head Injury Support Groups

Coping with life after a head injury can be difficult for both you and your family members. Head injuries can affect every aspect of your life, including family relationships, work, financial status, social life, and physical and mental health. You may feel overwhelmed, depressed, frustrated, angry, or resentful. These feelings, if left untreated can make the situation worse.

This is why support groups were invented. Support groups are groups of people who have lived through the same difficult experiences and want to help themselves and others by sharing coping strategies.

At NCS, we have developed a special approach to assisting survivors of head injury.

Stroke Support Groups

Stroke support groups at NCS are designed to teach stroke survivors about stroke, share their experiences about stroke, and become inspired to move forward after their stroke.

Subsequent to a stroke, patients often experience isolation. By meeting regularly, members help one another face and overcome common challenges by sharing experiences and encouragement. A stroke support group can be a place for stroke survivors to make friends, socialize, gain realistic feedback, and help others find meaning in life.

Peer support and socialization can assist recovery. Patients benefit from understanding that they are not alone in the devastating experience of stroke.